Eco Friendly Tips

There is a reason that many people living in the Costa Rican BLUE ZONE live to be 100+ years old. They eat organically, they clean their home without harsh chemicals, they bath using natural no hormone disrupting products and they take the time to connect with the environment and loved ones around them. 

At La Casa Azul we are by no means perfect in our pursuit to being eco friendly but we are proud of the initiatives we've put into place for our villa. We try and be mindful of reducing our waste consumption as much as we can as well as provide non-chemical eco friendly products for our villa so our guests are safe as well as our environment. With the growing attention to being more Eco- Friendly many of our friends, family and guests have asked about continuing to be more green in their own home life and we are thrilled because together we can make a positive impact in our environment. Here are some companies & products we recommend to keep you more green.


  • 4Ocean Bracelets remove 1 pound of trash from our ocean's & costal lines. This is an easy way to support a great cause and give back to a community actively removing trash & turning them into beautiful jewelry.  

  • Search for an eco friendly charity that resonates with you and jump on board. 


  • Earth Day is a great way to gather a community and bring awareness to the growing issue of pollution. 

  • See it? Pick it up, sometimes we encounter trash along our travels. I always try and pick up and recycle as much trash as I find in my journey. 

  • Say NO to the "Plastics Big 4" -Bottles, Bags, Straw's & Cups.

  • Recycle as much as possible. Paper is the easiest to recycle however plastic has it's issues. On the bottom of each plastic item you'll see a triangle with a 1-7 and many people think all plastic can be recycled when in fact it can't. Only 1,2 &5 the rest is trash.

Update -Favourite Products

  • THINK DIRTY APP -This is an amazing app that allows you to scan any item and find out how bad it is for you. The goal is to use as many products in the GREEN Zone.  This is the app I use to verify items I use in my life because sometimes marketing can be misleading.

    • 0-3 GREEN means they do not contain any ingredients documented to have negative health impact.

    • 4-7 YELLOW means the product has potential to moderate negative long term health effects.

    • 8-10 RED means the product's ingredients have potential serious negative long term health effects.  

  • Fact: Our shampoos, conditioners and even make up products contain harmful chemicals such as parabens, fragrances, triclosan all linked to hormone disrupting activities, cancer and immune system problems. Replacing them with alternatives that do not include the harmful 5 will do wonders on your body over the years.   List of top eco shampoos here Carina Organics,/ Live Clean Canada

  • Fact: Over 150 chemicals have been found in the home and are connected to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological disorders. There are plenty of eco friendly products that don't have the adverse effects AND will keep your home clean and disinfected. Eco Cleaning Products: Florex -Costa Rica  Live Clean Canada.

  • Fact: USA alone uses 500 MILLION plastic straws a day! Think about what the rest of the world contributes to that number too! A small change can make a BIG difference. Reusable Straws: Bamboo / Glass / Paper / Stainless Steel 

  • Fact: Did you know there are 6.8 billion people on the planet & we will discard about 300 toothbrushes in our life time (4/year) & is NOT biodegradable! Replace them with a more eco friendly option Bamboo Toothbrush.

  • Fact: Dryer sheets are filled with cancer causing & endocrine disrupting chemicals, we are literally poisoning ourselves with each load. I don't know about you but a fluffy lavender towel from the use of a dryer sheet isn't important when I can get the same results from alternative methods.  Ditch the chemical dryer sheets for wool dryer balls & essential oils.

Just by adjusting these few simple elements in your life to be more eco-minded protecting yourself, you're loved ones and the environment! PURA VIDA!

Nicoya Costa Rica | La Casa Azul
Nicoya Costa Rica | La Casa Azul
Nicoya Costa Rica | La Casa Azul
Nicoya Costa Rica | La Casa Azul
Nicoya Costa Rica | La Casa Azul
Nicoya Costa Rica | La Casa Azul

Costa Rica Is Going Single Use 
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If a country can do it, we all can too.

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