5 Things You Must Pack When Visiting Costa Rica.

Regardless off the duration of my stay in Costa Rica I only travel with carry on. One roller bag and one large purse. I've mastered this type of travel by only bringing necessary items. The weather in Costa Rica is pretty consistent because it's so close to the equator. Here is my essential travel musts.

  1. Bathing Suit & Quick Dry Towel: I typically bring 2-3 bathing suits when I travel as I hate being in a wet suit longer than necessary. I also travel with my light weight turkish premium cotton quick dry towel. This allows my beach & excursion towel to dry quickly in the sun.

  2. Camera : Naturally who goes anywhere without a camera? I love my iPhone camera as with 120gb of memory I never run out of space. Photo editing is also easy on an iPhone when on the go.

  3. Skin Protection & Repellant: In Costa Rica if you plan on any eco tours you'll want to bring biodegradable / marine & reef safe sunscreen. My preferred brand is garden goddess as it has a large list of eco and personal benefits. HOT TOP: use the face sunscreen in your carry on bag it's 100ml and airline approved. I also like to bring some Atlantick with me incase I decide to do some hiking in the mountains. This body spray smells delicious and Ticks hate the smell, I've never found a tick on me or my dogs when using this natural body spray.

  4. Casual Clothes & Proper Shoes: Most of Costa Rica has a laid back culture so casual clothes is a must. If you plan on hiking / walking be sure to bring sturdy shoes and definitely flip flops / sandles for a

  5. Travel Documents: When travelling I suggest to carry photo copies of all of your documents incase they get lost. From passports to credit cards you'll be thankful having copies with you.

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