Top Phone Apps For Easy Travel In Costa Rica.

Note:  Most apps require wifi or cell phone data. We highly suggest you call your current cell phone provider and find out what it would cost to add on a roaming plan to avoid unexpected costs. My cell phone company offers a $10 a day roaming plan to access my current North American package in Costa Rica. Another affordable option if you're staying for a longer period of time is to get a local SIM CARD and pop it into your phone an even cheaper calling plan.

Whatsapp: (FREE) This is the primary communication app in Costa Rica. Our villa has wifi and you'll be able to communicate and contact anyone in your phone book for FREE without roaming costs.

Google Translate: (FREE) This is an amazing tool. Our battery died and I didn't know how to ask for help so I whipped out my cell phone, turned on data roaming and google translated dead battery (muerto bateria) and they were able to help us out.

Waze: (FREE) Driving in our area is VERY EASY, there is one road and if you go RIGHT you'll head to the town of Paquera to catch the ferry and if you turn LEFT you'll head to all the other towns like Montezuma, Mal Pais, Santa Teresa & More. However, if you want to drive further and want directions you'll want to use this app.

Viva el Menu: (FREE) This is a Spanish app but allows you to find good restaurants. This app does focus more on the tourist zones such as San Jose or Liberia and the towns surrounding there but you can use it as a guide to finding restaurants in our area.  Any "SODA" restaurant is local Costa Rican food which is DELICIOUS AND CHEAP! We had a massive plate of rice & beans, salad and chicken for only $8.00 USD.

Magic Seaweed: (FREE) Since were south of the surfing zone and very close this is a great app to give a long range surf forecast. You'll be able to check over 300 beaches in 180 countries.

Currency Converter: (FREE) This is a great app to help you stay on budget. This will allow you to convert the Colon to USD or CAD. Many people just "double" the conversion but ultimately this is inflated and you lose a few dollars here and there in the long run.

Costa Rica Birds ($14.99) if your a "birdie" then you'll love this app as it includes sounds and calls for 600 species and has information for the 800+ bird species in Costa Rica.

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