Exciting Whale Watching in Costa Rica's Ballena Bay (aka: Whale Bay.)

The waters of Costa Rica's coast are the perfect temperature for different sea mammals where many of them spend their biological cycles in them. One of my favourite species is the whale; they are so massive and majestical in these vast waters. I love that they give birth and raise their young in these waters.

Experts have tracked their migration trail from Alaska & California and arrive in Costa Rica in December and stay until April when they continue towards Antartica, returning again in July and remaining until November. The most common species is the humpback whale and are often accompanied by the pilot whale, false killer whales, Orca Whales, Beaked whales, and Sei whales.

Baleen Bay (aka: Whale Bay) is a small town located on the pacific coast and is considered one of the most appealing communities in the southern of Costa Rica. The landscapes are unique and visually appealing with dense jungles, pristine beaches, panoramic oceans with endless sea life. Ideal for a relaxing holiday spot.

Due to it's low tides and water conditions, Ballena Bay is the perfect spot for breeding and birthing. The weather here is quite consistent here with tropical colors, with bits of rainfalls (usually in the late evening / over night) and sunshine blend superbly. The wet season begins in late June and ends in November. The dry season is a more popular for winter getaways.

Whale watching is a great event to experience and we highly suggest putting this on your bucket list of life.

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